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My Approach

Finding a psychotherapist that is a good fit is highly important to ensure that you receive quality care. Upon entering a therapeutic relationship with me you will find that I often incorpoate the following modalities in my practice:

1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

2. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

3. Narrative Therapy

4. Compassion Focused Therapy

5. Psychodynamic Modalities

6. Importance of the mind/body connection

These modalities help create the foundation that you and I willl build upon together to help you achieve your end goals. I feel that while doing this providing a safe and compassionate space where you can feel heard, validated, and not judged is something that can really strengthen the therapeutic relationship and help you grow as an individual.


I am very flexible and open to listening to your needs and am always open to being able to provide you with the care and love that you deserve. You know your experiences best, I am just here guiding you along the way and connecting you to your authentic self that is already present, but which you may not be in touch with yet. 

Love Yourself
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