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Registered Psychotherapist, MACP

Miranda Klimowski Psychotherapy


About Me

Helping individuals look within and develop a better understanding of the meaning of self and the world around them has always been something that is very important to me. I know life can bring about many painful and challenging experiences, and the importance of having someone that you can trust to express your deepest thoughts and emotions too is at the core of every basic human need.

In my practice I provide a safe space for you to look at these obstacles that you are facing in a way that you feel heard and validated. I work with you to help approach these same challenges with compassion and understanding and to apply the same non judgmental principles to your self.

Love, connection, and acceptance is at the core of my practice and I believe at the core of human healing, please click read more if you are interested in learning more about the way I work as a psychotherapist and feel free to book a phone consultation to get to know me a bit better.

I am here for you and know that you are not alone during this next part of your life. I am dedicated to helping you heal and will be here to support you every step of the way.


Specializing in: Anxiety, Self Esteem, Childhood Trauma, Substance Use.

Offering: Individual and Couples Therapy.


Learn how to better understand what your anxiety is saying to you, why it is present, and how you can take control over unpleasant symptoms that may be holding you back. Becoming present with feelings in your body and accepting them can help manage avoidance.

Self- Esteem

Create a foundation of self love, self acceptance, and gratitude for who you are as a person, and work through any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from flourishing as a whole. We can work together to begin to fully appreciate who you are, as you are.

Childhood Trauma

Psychoeducation around childhood trauma and how it impacts us in our adult life, together we can create a safe space, identify unhelpful thought patterns, and work through beliefs and experiences that might be holding you back. Finding your inner voice is key. 

Substance Use

Substance use related issues can leave us feeling alone, know that together we can face difficult feelings, isolation, and any challenges that you might not feel equipped to handle- while developing proper strategies and coping mechanisms to leave you feeling more in control of your emotions and life. 

Individual Therapy

Now accepting clients virtually for individual therapy.

Rate: $150/ 50 minutes

***Submit to insurance company for reimbursement, RP Coverage.

Couples Therapy

Now accepting clients virtually for couples therapy.

Rate: $250/ 50 minutes

***Submit to insurance company for reimbursement, RP Coverage

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