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Couples Therapy

Miscommunication, trust, intimacy and other relationship issues can be very disconnecting from your partner. I understand that you want to be on the same page with one another but no matter what a change just does not seem possible, or maybe you have tried multiple times and have gotten the same result. My goal as a therapist is to help you and your partner communicate with one another in a compassionate, and loving way that will strenghtnen your realtionship.

To help you both see where the lack of communication is coming up on both of your ends and to help bring you closer together. Buildng a relationship again can feel very hard alone even when together, but having an unbiased third-party to support you through this process on the outside and help ground you in the space that you need to be in can strengthen communication, acceptance and help you work through difficult life obstacles. I offer guidance to hopefully bring you both to a place of your own understandings so you can heal stronger, and closer together. Please reach out if you wish to discuss my approach with this and any other questions that come to mind. Rates start at $200/50 mintues. 

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